-playlist #1-

italic songs are explicit save rock and roll - fall out boy¬†+ elton john in bloom - neck deep let them in - pvris 6/10 - dodie clark awkward conversations - never shout never clean - taylor swift miracle - paramore stupid for you - waterparks ride - twenty one pilots TANTRUM - waterparks memories … Continue reading -playlist #1-


the musical theatre tag!

hello hello hello! the wonderful loren tagged me for the musical theatre tag! as someone who loves musicals and is in their school's drama/theatre club despite their crippling social anxiety, i figured this would be great thing to do while i wait for my cds to get imported onto my phone. let's begin! 1) when … Continue reading the musical theatre tag!

aNd pEgGy

hi so just a psa i'm restarting this blog- i'm just not feeling the design/name/post quality and stuff, but i also don't wanna lose all my followers so um yeah. oof ok yeah. bye.