|sincerely, me|

[inspired by ellie] --   dear younger me, bands will literally get you screwed up. mainly pierce the veil, once you get into them it's just an endless void of pop-punk and rock music. also make sure alexis doesn't get you into state champs, waterparks, hands like houses, and real friends. dear homophobic/transphobic people, thanks for … Continue reading |sincerely, me|

gerard way’s moaning in “destroya” gives me life

*comes in wearing party poison mask* DESTROYA DESTROYA DESTROYA DESTROYAAAAAAA *kicks down a wall* *MOANING* *welcome to the black parade comes on* *dies on floor* :: hey. i like mcr. fun fact. i'm emooooooooooooo. but everyone knows that. anyway. i have a tumblr. it's horrible though but okay who cares. it's nekdepppppp btw. :: i found … Continue reading gerard way’s moaning in “destroya” gives me life