does anyone even blog anymore?

hi hey hello, it’s been a bit.

how are you? i hope you all are well.

i haven’t been on here in a while. i don’t even know if anyone still uses wordpress anymore.

please talk to me so i know my followers (and mutual followers, you know who you are lmao)

stay cool & stay alive,


lay all your love on me.

you’ve been such a jerk

since you left me.

you’ve been careful with your words,

but you’re pulling teeth.

you said this wouldn’t hurt.


screw OFF why cant i just be happy.

why do i have to cry over you,

i wish you were available, 

i wish you loved me,

why is this so f-cking hard!!!

i never wanted to relate to those sad f-cking love songs!

i never wanted to love you so much! 

but!! here i am!! 

crying over you because you’re a charismatic 


and sweet person 

i have no f-cking chance with you!! 

i  just want to hold your hand, cuddle into, stargaze, all that gross fluffy sh-t, and i’ll never get to.

you’re one of the only people i’ve ever fallen truly in love with. 

you f-cking plague my mind and here we are!! 

i feel horrible over it and i can’t do sh-t about it!

why must you be so perfect in my fucking eyes.

i hate you. 


please just love me.


go away, 

go away, 

go away.

i wish you weren’t all that was in my mind.

i wish there was even a sliver of a chance that i could be with you. 

why can’t i  stop thinking of you. 

nothing about you is above average. 

at least to most, yet… 

whenever I’m around someone 

you’re always in the back of my mind. 

i never speak to you but god do i wish i did. 

you mean more than you should, but… 

you’re taken so i must step back. 

let you be happy with the one you’re happiest with. 

i guess feelings are fatal.

w o a h okay mckenzie that was really depressing.

anyway, when im in my feelings about something at 2am, i write.

(it’s no wonder why im in that creative writing program thing)

this was a mix of something i wrote about having a crush who doesn’t like me back along with a little hint of things regarding one of my ex girlfriends. 

im probably gonna post more writings soon. idk. 

let’s talk! should i post more writings? did you like this? comment below!

stay cool & stay alive,


well hi.

it’s been a while,, huh?

i’m thinking of continuing to blog over on here. i don’t know.

but hi, how are you?


pls read

so, um, i’m not using wordpress anymore.


you guys should go follow my new blog, which is what i’ll be using from now on

the anti-social social club

^that’s the new blog^

see ya over there m8s.


north carolina travel diary!

hello there you beautiful pomegranates! i just got back from north carolina on saturday, so sorry i didn’t post for a week.

but, going on a trip always means one thing-

P I C T U R E S ! !

i took some pictures there, so here’s a travel diary thingy of it because i am LAME.

also i apologize for the crap quality of the photos, i took them with my iphone so like.. yeah.

/ /

d a y   o n e

we left my grandma’s house at 7am sharp, because it was an eight-hour ride from maryland to nc (by car).


(oof look at me in the mirror with my horrible phone.)


it started raining as soon as we passed the line from maryland to virginia. so whoop whoop, rain.

44DE2571-800C-422E-9CE0-18D79A7CE95E B2C9F51F-AB59-46E5-8B9C-FD21DF33A5F2


i was reading the upside of unrequited by becky albertalli and ohmygosh it was a good book?? ahh??

10/10 read.


this was edited by meeeeeeeeeeeee.

we finally made it to the house we were staying in around 7pm, and then we had to go to the grocery store for food & stuff. i got a really pretty picture of the sunset.


also, i was talking to my friend alana on the car ride there, and this happened:


“i’m on my way to north…” “america” “africa” “london”

please don’t ask what my phone does with me. it hates me.



i’m so freaking happy, me and her have been “dating” for over a week & omg, like a lot of people on tumblr know about me + her and ship both of us!! it’s so adorable oml.

d a y     t w o

we went to the beach! we were walking distance from the beach, so it was a simple three-minute walk to the water. this was my first time ever being on a beach. i’m not kidding.


first of all, YES I AM WEARING SWIM BOTTOMS IN THE PICTURE! and second of all, LOOK HOW PALE MY LEGS ARE! this is what happens when you spend your summers indoors on the computer.


this is proof that we were walking distance from the beach. the place i was standing in was the road right outside my house.


the beach was full of people that day, and it was burning hot. the sand was like LAVA, and i accidentally a) got a sunburn and b) swallowed sea water (it tastes like salty fish pee btw. just a heads up.)

d a y   t h r e e

i don’t really remember what we did on day three. but we did go to some surf shop called wings, and i found a bunch of little squishy keychain thingys that were so adorableee!


idk why the photo is sideways lol sorry.

we also played a game called ‘the game of meme’, and i won! we had a category card, and we had to make a meme using the word card and the picture cards we had & our meme had to relate to the category card. one of the category cards was ‘failure’ and i did this..


..because i am a failure xD

d a y  f o u r

we got up at six thirty frickn a.m. because we were going on a ferry to south carolina (be prepared for a lil spam)

E8F767F0-CC5B-456D-AA4C-996E6824CA25 975B966C-77B8-4811-AA90-2E0D8DF73C69

909507F0-091F-4AF6-A49D-84CC8A2852CA A018E7B4-C882-48FF-9E80-18C4A1F33059


we had to stop for fireworks for the fourth, and there was a random polar bear statue and i had to get a picture of it.

also yes, my shirt says ‘beach better have my money’, because it’s a play on the song “b-tch better have my money’ by rihanna. you’re so welcome.

C0618FC2-BD29-4650-A78E-D571EAF4AC05 E03E378D-511E-4C5B-B5B2-9BE7A57D28B8


the place we went to was called “broadway at the beach”, and it was a bunch of shops and eatery’s and a place called “wonderworks”, which was basically the equivalent of a science center. the first floor was heck for my anxiety, because you had voices blasting everywhere, and there was screaming and ahhhh i almost had an anxiety attack.  but it’s ok, when we got to the second floor everything was all good.


an anti-gravity water chamber thingy. it was pretty cool.

194AA2FE-1065-4E56-8636-2D70A65A7784 528A7309-BA4D-4CF9-AD19-366D0C2767A5

fishies and flowers at the front of the wonderworks house.

when we were done in wonderworks, we walked around the shopping center for a bit. i got a long sleeve shirt (because i’m always cold), a stress ball in the shape of a cactus, bacon-flavored toothpicks (don’t ask.) and socks that say “f-ck off, i’m reading”.


here’s my little cousin on a dinosaur statue. this is pure art.


we were in this one store and h0LY CRAP LOOK AT ALL THIS DOCTOR WHO STUFF

(comment “dwatb” if you remember when my youtube channel name was “doctor who ate my bacon” lol)


…i relate to this magnet personally.

1B99630B-6576-4A62-AF04-F4C3768AFD7A 3C84C6EB-A62D-4AF0-81D7-F2E61294E7A0


these are the socks i bought! i love them tbh. (i’m wearing them rn.)

d a y  f i v e

we went to a carnival thingy! it was really fun, i separated from the group for most of the time i was there because i’m old enough to be by myself (plus i had my phone)

FE9B7A8F-8C8B-4648-9E66-B8F177604D08 54B680A5-4B8F-4964-9BDD-01DCF4D09CF6


this picture makes me look like a masculine tomato with glasses but eh whatever.


there were fireworks around 9pm, and i snapped a LOT of pictures, but i’m only gonna show a few.

F592C03C-C04E-4B79-AF08-C535032E8F9D25D2C27A-F9D4-495A-A16F-2141BBB4E95B E09C9E36-E89A-4D1C-BDDF-040228F21BBC73BC62FF-AFA4-4BA5-B4A5-7D0071C7E799



pretty sunset 🙂


from the top of a ride i was on. (these are so pretty omg)


we got ice cream afterwards, and enjoy my other cousin in the right picture trying to be a unicorn.

d a y   s i x

we didn’t do anything really fun then, so i didn’t get any pictures except these:




(these photos are TRUE ART omg)

d a y   s e v e n

we had to leave. we left around 10am, and got back home around 7pm (bc we had to get food)


enjoy this picture of my OTHER little cousin. SHE’S SO CUTE OMG.


is that… is that a body in the bag on top of the car..? (i’m kidding lmao.)


the maps thing in the car glitched & i just said “oh no we ran out of road” (as a joke. we didn’t actually run out of road.) and i sent the picture to a group chat i’m in with “we ran out of road” and my friend sarah responded with “oh. did you guys fall off a cliff?” xD


so that’s it! should i do more travel diaries (when i actually leave my house to do stuff lololololol)? which was your favorite picture? comment below (please)

stay cool & stay alive,


character aesthetics + profiles!


today’s post is going to be… *drumroll*


*unexcited cheers* *cricket noises*

OH COME ON MY CHARACTERS ARE ACTUALLY PRETTY INTERESTING. they’re all part of the LGBTQ+ community (yay! because pride month! woooo!)  and they each are.. well, none of them are straight. that’s all you really should know.

i’m running out of time on the computer so let’s just get into the post!


character name: adeline (adi)

sexuality/gender orientation: lesbian

pronouns: she/her

age: 17

random facts: really into pastel stuff, has a girlfriend (well, two.), anxiety and her gfs are her best friends, crappy family issues, into tumblr.


Image result for aesthetic

character name: claire

sexuality/gender orientation: bisexual

pronouns: she/her

age: 16

random facts: book nerd, more anxiety than adi (oof), loves playing the ukulele and piano as well as singing, did i mention the anxiety, loves all forms of art.


Image result for aesthetic moodboard

character name: noah

sexuality/gender orientation: ftm transgender

pronouns: he/him

age: 14 (the youngest of the group)

random facts: video game nerd, very quiet and reserved but with adhd, will kill anyone for beef-flavored ramen.


Related image

character name: jeremy (jerry)

sexuality/gender orientation: asexual

pronouns: he/him

age: 15

random facts: only boy in his house, theatre kid, also a band kid & plays the bass clarinet, latino


Image result for asexual aesthetic moodboard

(i love this omgggg)

character name: autumn/alex

sexuality/gender orientation: genderfluid

pronouns: they/them

age: 18 (the oldest kid in the group)

random facts: also a theatre nerd, is constantly quoting books/movies/songs, can play the electric guitar really well, will actually murder someone who messes with their best friends, also an AESTHETIC QUEEEEEEN


Image result for genderfluid aesthetic moodboard


so what did you think? do my characters seem interesting enough to you guys? are you doing camp nano (i am! and i’m trying not to fail this year in camp and actual nano!)? comment below (please and thank you.) and, for all the panic! fans out there, HOW YOU FEELING ABOUT PRAY FOR THE WICKED?!? (i love it)

BY THE WAY: i’m going to north carolina tomorrow and staying there until the 31st, so i’m not gonna be posting for about a week. i’ll bring back photos tho! if anyone wants to see pictures before i make the post, i recommend you follow my instagram, which is @queertheatrenerd (what psshft this is totally not a self promo wdym.)

stay cool & stay alive,

-mckenzie 🙂